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Welding, Arc Questions

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we are using a otc fd-v-6 with dp400 using .045 wire welding 3/8 inch steel .we currently have amps at 250 and weld speed at 14 we are trying to achieve a 3/8 weld but are not getting it any suggestions on what to set it on to get the 3/8 weld the width is almost there but the throat is not any help is appreciated

1 Answers

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Mike Monnin - General Manager Sales and Marketing
mmonnin [at] daihen-usa [dot] com
(937) 667-0800

One of our OTC DAIHEN welding engineers suggests the following setup on your DP400 welding power source / FD-V6 robot: Wire diameter: 0.056" Welding current; 290A Welding voltage: 28V Travel speed: 16 inches-per-minute Welding mode: Straight DC This should result in a true, 3/8" fillet size Any further questions or additional guidance, contact 888-OTC-ROBO for our welding applications technicians. They can also be contracted ($) for on-site welding applications work.

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