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Material Removal Questions

Question Asked:

Can you recommend a company that sells polishing and shine machines that we can integrate with robots?

2 Answers

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Andrew Elledge - Application Technician
ATI Industrial Automation
andrew [dot] elledge [at] ati-ia.com
(318) 229-5882

Hello Daniel, We have a few products that can be used for polishing and shining with a robot. Please visit www.ati-ia.com. Once there, click on material removal tools and then click on axially-compliant finishing tools. The tools that we make are all either axially or radially compliant so it makes robot path programming easier for parts that have variations and you can adjust the compliance air in-order to 'fine tune' the finish that you are looking for. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of any more assistance. We also have a account managers and applications engineers that are based out of our office in Mexico, if you would prefer to talk to somebody in Spanish. Have a nice day!

Maximiliano Falcone - Business Development Manager
PushCorp, Inc.
mfalcone [at] pushcorp [dot] com
(847) 471-0493

Hello Daniel, here at PushCorp we sell equipment that can be used for polishing. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your application and how we can help. www.PushCorp.com https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiWXC5mNEybHQlszJZa2khYgHoBCh2WaN Best Regards, Maximiliano Falcone mfalcone@pushcorp.com

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