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Safety Questions

Question Asked:

How should a cell provide safe maintenance access when multiple robots are in single cell?

3 Answers

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Matt Hendey - President
The Hendey Group
matt [at] thgautomation [dot] com
(317) 550-4006

Hi Daniel, The easy answer is to shot off the power and air and then Lockout-Tagout the system. If the robot controller is a multi-robot controller then a Guard Stop, or superior stop lockout could work but that is if you're not manipulating other air or hydraulic potential. However, not knowing your system, I would consult your safety documentation. Can you provide more details as to why you are asking? Thanks, Matt

Miranda Woods - Marketing Event Coordinator
TUV Rheinland
mwoods [at] us [dot] tuv.com
(847) 208-4328

Hello! Thank you for your question. Would you like me to put you in touch with one our experts? If so, please reply with your contact info. Thank you! TUV Rheinland

Brian Gruzdis - Robotics Program and Applications Lead
CHL Systems
brian [dot] gruzdis [at] chlsystems.com
(215) 723-7284

Hi Daniel To echo the other responses, the easiest method would be to lock out the entire system. If the robots are acting independently in the cell, such that you may want to take one down and not all, then you would need to evaluate how you can safely isolate individual robots. If you are interested in reviewing this further let me know and we can set up a time to talk!

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