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I am currently doing a market analysis of the US Market for a Locator Software Component used for localizing Mobile vehicles. I wanted to know what is the typical duration of a Sales Cycle in the US or North America? It would be great if I someone could tell me about the Sales Cycle duration of AGV/AMR manufacturers, Robotic System Integrators and Forklift Manufacturers. Thank you very much :)

2 Answers

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Albert Keefer - Technical Sales Engineer
Chicago Electric
akeefer [at] chicagoelectric [dot] com
847 954 9365

Well this is an interesting subject very dear to my heart. I sell large automated systems and generally figure gestation on capital projects to be about 1 year however, they way projects are estimated (Internal or externally) and how capex money is appropriated can dramatically change the period under which any given project is available or in-market. If you would be interested in a discussion on this subject I would make myself available and would welcome the opportunity Al Keefer

Maria Gutierrez - Marketing and Sales Coordinator
FSD Robotics (Factory Surplus Direct Inc)
maria [at] factorysurplusdirect [dot] com
(613) 223-2512

Good Afternoon Usama, I'd be happy to answer your questions, feel free to email me at maria@factorysurplusdirect.com FSD is a full service company with a specialized focus on industrial automation, CNC and robotics. Our global network of labs, repair and refurbishment facilities and large inventory of parts allow us to quickly react to customer needs, minimize downtime and deliver incredible cost savings. Our engineering and technical staff are focused on solving problems and providing world class support. We have system integration services, emergency repair and preventative maintenance programs that continue to deliver exceptional value to our large global customer base in almost every industry. Kind Regards, Maria Gutierrez

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