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Hello, I'm building a machine that will have a handle sticking out, for the user to hold. The handle will then move left to right, with the user's arm being moved with it. It will move quite fast at maybe 200 - 250mm/second and will stop an extremely short period of time after it completes the movement in one direction, before moving in the opposite. Basically, the user will be holding onto a handle that will be moving, quite quickly, left to right at about a distance of 15cm left and then 15cm right at the most and barely pausing after finishing moving in one direction, thus moving left to right quite fluidly. I also need another handle. This one will be the same, but will only have to carry at most, 1kg of weight during it's movements at 250mm/second. I'd also need these to both be programmable with an arduino, so that the distance of their movements can vary over the course of one person's one time use (might move further to the left than the right, then the opposite, then a little bit both ways before the user has removed their hand etc.). This machine will ideally be used repeatedly over a period of, maybe 10 hours daily, with only a minute's rest in between uses. As it will be being used by the public, it will also need to be as quiet as possible. I'm completely unsure of what to get for this. research tells me I may need a motorised linear slide, but it's rare that those products have their complete information available and attempting to learn about the drivers I would need to power them is extremely difficult as I have very little prior knowledge of electronics. I was hoping you could tell me the products I would need for these devices for my machine. Thank you very much.

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Maria Gutierrez - Sales & Marketing Coordinator
FSD Robotics (Factory Surplus Direct Inc)
maria [at] factorysurplusdirect [dot] com
(613) 223-2512

Hello Simeran, I can certainly help you answering those questions, please send me your contact information to my email maria@factorysurplusdirect.com FSD is a full service company with a specialized focus on industrial automation, CNC and robotics. Our global network of labs, repair and refurbishment facilities and large inventory of parts allow us to quickly react to customer needs, minimize downtime and deliver incredible cost savings. Our engineering and technical staff are focused on solving problems and providing world class support. We have system integration services, emergency repair and preventative maintenance programs that continue to deliver exceptional value to our large global customer base in almost every industry. I have attached our brochure and line card for your review. We look forward to working with your team in the near future and building synergy with your business. Feel free to reach out anytime for support with your process. Kind Regards, Maria

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