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Material Handling Questions

Question Asked:

I design stamping tooling. Many of the parts manufactured can fit in the palm of your hand. I am looking for a small pick and place robot that can transfer a single part from one die to another. What is available?

4 Answers

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Julie Workman - Marketing Manager
Acieta, LLC
jworkman [at] acieta [dot] com
(712) 328-3410

Hi Jack, Most of the major robot suppliers would have options you might want to consider, From FANUC I would suggest you look at the LR Mate 200iD (several models) or the SR (Scara Robots) series most likely SR-3 or SR-6. You can get specific information on these at the following link, https://www.fanucamerica.com/products/robots/series If you have a questions about how to use these products in your application please feel free to contact John Burg jburg@acieta.com | 630-258-0978 Thanks!

Don Edsall - Motion Competency Center Manager
Schneider Electric
donald [dot] edsall [at] se.com
(919) 266-8292

We have several solutions to consider, however the selection really depends of the overall mass of the load, the total work envelope, and cycle time required. If we can assist you in the selection process please give me a call at 610-379-6005 or I'll reach out to you later this week for as a courtesy. Kind Regards Donald Edsall

Mike Tuohey - Marketing Activation Mgr Americas
mike [dot] tuohey [at] piab.com
(781) 337-7309

That sounds like a good application for a collaborative robot (cobot). Piab has a full range of end of arm tooling that works with any cobot on the market to handle the small objects you refer to ion your question. Please check out https://www.piab.com/en-US/products/advanced-gripping-solutions/

Richard Vaughn - Automation Engineering Manager
Bosch Rexroth Corporation
richard [dot] vaughn [at] boschrexroth-us.com
(704) 714-8509

Hi Jack... Depending on factors like the mass you're moving, desired speed, and forces applied, there's a lot of good robot options in the industry (ie. Scara, 6 axis, collaborative, cartesian, etc.) to perform small pick & place applications. Our portfolio of linear modules can satisfy a variety of combinations for these type applications. If a cartesian or gantry solution may be an option in your tooling applications, feel free to reach out and I can discuss in more detail.

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