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How Are Blockchain and AI Impacting Swarm Robotics?

How Are Blockchain and AI Impacting Swarm Robotics?The idea of using blockchain and artificial intelligence in swarm robotics to improve robot technology is a relatively new concept. But despite their novelty, the technologies have already found their way into everyday life. Consumers who have used cryptocurrency, chatbots, and responsive robotics have likely benefited from blockchain and AI without even knowing it. The combination of AI and blockchain offers new possibilities for automation.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Complement Each Other

Blockchain is a distributed database technology and has had a huge impact on industries like finance, healthcare, and real estate. Blockchain has many advantages over other database technologies, in particular being tamper-proof thanks to its decentralized nature. Blockchain also offers superior security and privacy while still allowing for data transparency, making it a versatile tool for sharing information. 

Blockchain and AI complement each other in many ways. The goal of AI technology is to imitate human intelligence so that machines can make accurate decisions on their own. The complex data management systems, requirements for predictive analysis, and instant access required for AI are perfect applications for blockchain database technologies. 

AI also adds value to blockchain by lowering energy consumption, increasing scalability, and minimizing the costs associated with blockchain. Blockchain is capable of holding the records needed to explain AI decisions, is able to help shape more efficient data models, and its decentralized structure offers an easily accessible store for AI systems.

Blockchain and AI Boost the Capabilities of Swarm Robotics

Swarm robotics involves the deployment of individual AI-powered robots that can interact with both the environment and their fellow connected robots. Having a single robot perform a task can result in a measure of improved efficiency. But, sending a swarm of robots that all work together to complete an operation can result in even more time and energy savings.

The medical, agriculture, and entertainment industries have all found exciting applications for swarm robotics. For instance, the medical industry can use swarm robotics in nanorobotics and microbotics to perform procedures from within the human body. In other applications, swarms of robots can be used in disaster rescue operations, mining, or agricultural harvesting.

Along with swarm robot technology applications comes an increased need for security. A blockchain database allows for advanced encryption that can be used across shared channels and often employs public-key cryptography. Each robot can be assigned a private key to control the access of information, offering swarm robotics optimum security.

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