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Welcome to the RIA Robotics Blog

2016 has already demonstrated strong growth in the global robotics market. Technological advances are creating ever-expanding robot capabilities for new applications, resulting in new market opportunities across industry sectors.

The RIA Robotics Blog is designed to provide you with brief articles featuring the latest news, event information, and technological advances from the pioneers and emerging talents of the robotics industry across the United States and the globe. Representing more than 390 member companies worldwide, the RIA has launched the blog to support our mission to promote and enhance robotics and related automation.

Blog articles will cover such topics as:

  • New robot capabilities
  • New gripping and arm technologies
  • Traditional & Emerging markets
  • Industry segment updates and discussions
  • Application/Industry-specific Challenges
  • Robot Safety and Standards news
  • Robotics events
  • Certified Robot Integrator Training & News
  • And so much more

The RIA Robotics Blog Keeps You Updated on All Things Robotics

The exciting and evolving robotics industry presents a wealth of new and interesting information every day. The RIA Robotics Blog is a great resource for end-users, OEMs, integrators, researchers, and students alike to keep up to date by reading our incisive, relevant articles on a wide range of topics.

Check in with us each week, or better yet, subscribe to the RIA Robotics Blog, to ensure the latest articles reach your inbox.

We would also like to invite our members and thought leaders within the robotics community to contribute articles or to suggest topics for future posts.

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