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Expert Robot Systems Bundle (PDF Download)

The Expert Robot Systems Bundle  provides all six currently active ANSI-Registered Technical Reports (TRs) that supplement the ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012: Industrial Robot Safety Standard.  

TR R15.306-2016: Risk Assessment describes a method of risk assessment that complies with the requirements of 2012 R15.06, and it has been updated since the original version was published in 2014.  

TR R15.406-2014: Safeguarding describes methods of safeguarding human workers in an industrial environment that also contains (non-collaborative) robot systems.

TR R15.506-2014: Existing Systems explains how to use the 2012 R15.06 with existing robot systems.  
(The TR 306 was updated and re-released in 2016; the 2014 versions of both TR 406 and TR 506 remain the most current versions.)

TR R15.606-2016 explains safety requirements specific to collaborative robots and robot systems and is supplemental to the guidance in ANSI/RIA R15.06.  The TR 606 document is a U.S. National Adoption of ISO/TS 15066; it was published in 2016.

TR R15.706-2019: This report is directed to the user stakeholder, providing guidance and expanding on the responsibilities that are implied, but not stated specifically, in the R15.06-2012 Standard.

TR R15.806-2019: This report describes test methods and metrics for measuring the pressures and forces associated with quasi-static and transient contact events of collaborative applications. It provides guidance on determining conditions of the test measurements, measurement devices, and accurate testing methods.

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