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Handbook of Optics Volume III, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Optics, Vol. III, 2nd Edition

Volume III: Classical, Vision, and X-Ray Optics adds 38 new chapters of information needed to solve many problems in optics, from design to research and development. This volume includes extensive chapter glossaries in addition to the tutorial writings and in-depth reference material contained in previous volumes.

Includes articles that cover:

  • Capilary optics, x-ray telescopes, x-ray microscopes, and film coatings.
  • A broad range of applications from biological waveguides and adaptive optics to issues concerning computer and head-mounted displays.
  • Optics for virtual reality, biomedicine, and lithography.
  • Advances in diffractive optics, photographic film, CCDs and image detectors, IR telescopes, and radio telescopes.

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