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Collaborative Robots Industry Insights

Read our industry insight articles from collaborative robot experts for deep insights into the collaborative robot marketplace and technology.

August 2020

Reducing COVID Risks with Robots

by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor

POSTED: 08/18/2020

Using robotics to reinforce social distancing, reduce contact points and provide remote support for manufacturing.

November 2019

Swarming service robots? How human-multi-robot collaborative teams will tackle real-world problems

by Dr Simon Shakespeare, The Technology Partnership (TTP)

POSTED: 11/15/2019

What innovations can increase the adoption of robotics more widely in the commercial sector? Rather than focus on complexity to

January 2019

Robots to Extremes

by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor

POSTED: 01/25/2019

When driven to extremes, robots go where people cannot.

August 2018

Fenceless Safety Embraces Human-Robot Interaction

by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor

POSTED: 08/23/2018

Collaboration comes in many forms. From conventional robots to cobots, and even collaborative conveyors.

February 2018

Collaborative Robotics Puts People First

by by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor, Robotic Industries Association

POSTED: 02/27/2018

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Humans and robots can work together, safely.

August 2017

Industrial Mobile Robot Safety Standards on the Forefront

by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor

POSTED: 08/28/2017

As mobile robots enter new territory reserved for humans and manned vehicles, safety standards writers race to keep up.

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