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Automation Rangers, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2014
  • Robotic Consultant

Automation Rangers, Inc. has participated on RIA and UL Standards committees and technical panels for many years. We interface daily with other Standards organizations to deliver the best strategy for mitigating risk based on the current guidelines and methods.

CE Mark, Risk Assessments, Safety Programs, Hardware-Network-Software

TuV CMSEs and other Top Safety Talent.

Safety Center task-based risk assessment software is our main tool for framing and mitigating robot, machine (every type), material handling (every application), crane (every variation) and process (most) risk.

Automation Rangers offers Cableless Control. We have been the architects of this technology since 2008 and can address any scale with PLd, Category 3 solutions easily integrated into existing applications.

Our trainings complement the offering of the RIA. Our Integrated Safety Automation Training is most popular and one of the few that addresses Cyber-physical, Cybersecurity and Cloud computing.


Machine Safety Risk Assessments

POSTED: 03/20/2017

Exciting new products from our safety innovation labs.

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