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IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

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  • Member Since 2006
  • Robotic Educator/Researcher

For over 20 years, the cutting edge research that drives technology development has been presented in RAS sponsored conferences and journals. The IEEE Transactions on Robotics is consistently one of the two most highly ranked journals in the field, and the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering and the EEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering are leaders in rigorous scientific examination in of problems and issues in Automation. RAS committees are also working in the area of standards development and roadmapping for R&A. RAS Technical Committees focus on 23 different emerging areas of robotics and automation. Half of RAS members reside outside North America,and the society has local chapters in 24 countries.


Do Robots Take People's Jobs?

POSTED: 07/22/2011

Last month, President Barack Obama announced the National Robotics Initiative, a major program to develop next-generation robots for manufacturing, healthcare,

Toshio Fukada, Pioneer of Miniaturized Robotics, to Receive IEEE Robotics and Automation Award

POSTED: 04/21/2010

Toshio Fukuda, an international leader in the field of robotics and automation for his groundbreaking work on intelligent and miniature

Antal K. Bejczy, Pioneer in Robotics Technology, to Receive 2009 IEEE Robotics and Automation Award

POSTED: 05/04/2009

Telerobotics Work Has Had Impact Both in Space and on Land   PISCATAWAY, N.

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