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Roboticom - Fabrica Machinale

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  • Member Since 2019
  • Robotic Integrator

Roboticom is the leading company in providing industrial robotic systems, based on our hardware and software patented technology. SandRob is our multipurpose system for SURFACE FINISHING on complex shapes: SANDING, GRINDING, POLISHING, CUTTING, DRILLING....

Our technology can solve many critical stages, with CONSTANT QUALITY RESULTS, higher process EFFICIENCY and BETTER CONDITIONS FOR WORKERS. Based on industrial robotic arms, our integrated systems are able to manage the preparation stages for painting (sanding, grinding, trimming) and/or after the coating by polishing the parts.

The technology is fully automated and it includes automatic paper change, force control and our proprietary programming software. The software is user-friendly and very easy. We offer specific solutions for automotive, aerospace, furniture, bathroom furnishing, sport equipment and more.


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