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Thompson Innovation

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  • Member Since 2019
  • Robotic Integrator

A technology integration company that uses advanced technology and innovative solutions to help partners operate efficiently, securely, safely, and improve the quality of their operation. Thompson Innovation understands the changing industrial world because we have lived in it for more than 85-years. We have seen the impact of rising labor costs and the need for higher quality and increased throughput at lower and lower costs. Our focus, therefore, is to help you maximize your productivity, efficiency, and safety by developing solutions for your business while maximizing ROI. Thompson can engineer, install, and maintain all aspects of your robotic solution. Working with experienced system integrators we can customize a plan for your operation that allows for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and a fast ROI. Whether your need is for part placement, pick-and-place, pick-and-pack, stacking, palletizing, or machine loading/unloading call us today to help.

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