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JMP Automation

  • ON, Canada
  • Tel: (519) 652-2741
  • Fax: (519) 652-6040
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  • Member Since 2011
  • Robotic Integrator

JMP Automation provides solutions in Smart Robotic applications. We are the go-to resource for automating your challenging Food, CPG, Machine Tending or Tube and Pipe challenges. Customers choose JMP because of our ability to bridge the gap between corporate and plant engineering, and manufacturing IT. JMP successfully increases production, quality and regulatory compliance, while reducing cost, time and risk. Our promise of guaranteed performance, radical commitment, and exceptional communications provide unparalleled service and project execution.

JMP provides technical excellence, project management, change management and multi-site coordination services. We have many product certifications including being a CSIA Certified Member and RIA Certified Robot Integrator.

Many companies talk about customer satisfaction, we live it! We redefine customer satisfaction by monitoring our Net Promoter Score versus industry leaders. Call us today and begin your Extraordinary Customer Experience

Case Studies

Automation Reduces Energy Usage for Brewery

POSTED: 01/08/2016

The Customer’s Challenge A major North American brewery required JMP’s assistance on a project that was part of an overall strategy for reducing energy usage. The client operated eight compressors in the powerhouse. Five of the compressors were Vilter compressors previously provided with direct PLC control (on-off with priority and sequencing). The

JMP Makes the Case for Faster Packing

POSTED: 01/07/2016

The Customer’s Challenge A leading Canadian food products company relied heavily on high-speed production lines to support the lower production costs that were key to their competitive pricing strategy. Their aging Pyramid case packer, rated for 5000 cases per eight-hour shift, was experiencing frequent breakdowns. Output per shift had slipped

JMP Keeps 1,000 lbs of Parts Moving

POSTED: 12/30/2015

The Challenge The movement of very heavy parts (over 1,000 lbs.) was a challenge for our client, a parts manufacturer. Using manual labour to move these parts was slow and unsafe, and the client needed to automate this process. The JMP Approach JMP worked together with the robot manufacturer to create

When Your Robot Has a Mind of its Own, Call JMP First

POSTED: 12/29/2015

The Challenge A large steel-making facility purchased equipment which included an integrated robot for loading/unloading material. The work cell repeatedly malfunctioned, impacting the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the process. Despite two years of repeated attempts to correct performance problems, the machine still failed to meet its specifications. The JMP Approach

JMP's Automation Solution Delivers Plastic Bags in Only Four Seconds

POSTED: 12/28/2015

The Challenge Struggling to meet the demand for their product, our client, a paper and plastic bag fabricator, turned to JMP for help. The manual system they had in place was labour intensive and ergonomically challenging for the workers, and cost too much. The JMP Approach JMP created a material handling

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