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Aubo Robotics

  • TN, United States
  • Tel: (856) 307-7406
  • Fax: (856) 604-2698
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  • Member Since 2016
  • Robotic Supplier

Aubo Robotics, Inc. manufactures light-weight collaborative 5 Kg robot. The company is founded by several experts in robotics field, with R&D centers located at Beijing China and Knoxville, TN USA. AUBO Robotics, Inc. holds several core patents, industrial solutions, and strategic cooperation with several public companies. Since the company was founded, breakthroughs have been made on the core technologies of robots, such as controllers, end effectors, motors, sensors. In 2015, Aubo Robotics made the first generation light-weight collaborative robots (co-bot) with independent intellectual properties has been released. They are fully modular and open unit collaborative robots.


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