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Cloud 9 Perception, LP

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  • Member Since 2017
  • Robotic Supplier

Cloud 9 Perception is leveling the playing field for industrial-based machine vision. Our unique 2D/3D Vision hardware combined with unparalleled, customized software allows us to deliver quality solutions while lowering your costs. Our sensors harness the power of 3D image data, giving us the ability to visualize and analyze any scenario in 3D. This can provide a robot with pick coordinates, give a PLC dimension data, scan a product for defects, etc. Not only does it handle 3D data but it also can perform multiple 2D tasks as well such as barcode scanning, label reading, recognition, high-speed detection, and more! At Cloud 9 Perception, not only does our hardware have vision, but so does the company. We invest in forward-thinking technologies so that you'll always be one step ahead by using our products. By utilizing scalable hardware and software solutions, we can ensure that we grow along side the fast-paced technologies of the industry.


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