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Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

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  • Robotic Supplier

ResinDek® flooring panels, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, are designed for elevated platforms typically found in distribution centers. ResinDek flooring panels are available with two different surface finishes for robotic applications, TriGard® and MetaGard®. The TriGard finish on ResinDek panels utilizes a unique coating technology that is engineered to endure the consistent, repeated travel patterns associated with AMRs and the defined travel paths of AGVs. ResinDek with MetaGard features a steel surface that encapsulates the ResinDek flooring panel and can withstand millions of repetitive cycles typically found with AGVs, especially in areas where dirt or debris accumulates 24/7 and is not routinely cleaned. ResinDek panels have proven structural integrity that supports static and dynamic rolling loads from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs. ResinDek flooring panels have been independently evaluated for use in Types I-V construction as part of a fire-resistance rated assembly.


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