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Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures Exlar® electric roller screw actuators, rotary servo motors, and integrated control solutions for a broad range of applications. Our unique roller screw linear actuator technology provides an efficient electro-mechanical replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with forces up to 40,000 pounds and speeds up to 60 inches per second. We are able to deliver higher force in a smaller package than comparable ball screw technology, as well as more flexibility, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance than traditional hydraulic and pneumatic solutions.


Tritex II AC

T2M75, T2M90, T2M115, R2M75, R2M90, R2M115

Tritex II DC

TDM60, TDM75, RDM60, RDM75, RDM90

GSX Series

GSX20, GSX30, GSX40, GSX50, GSX60

GSM Series

GSM20, GSM30, GSM40

FTX Series

FTX125, FTX215

K Series

KM/X60, KM/X75, KM/X90

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