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MüL Technologies

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  • Member Since 2021
  • Robotic Supplier

MuL Technologies is a manufacturer of AGRs (Autonomous Guided Robots), a new category of easy-to-use self-guided robotic carts that combine the benefits of AMRs and AGVs. The company was founded to offer simple cost-effective robotic solutions for businesses everywhere, tagged “Robotics for the Rest of Us.” By using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and adding minimal custom hardware, we created the most cost-effective AGR solution on the market. MuL Technologies is headed by an experienced team of programming, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and sales professionals with a combined 200 years of expertise and is backed by GMI Solutions, a Contract Manufacturing firm started in the Midwest in 1983. MARC is the most cost-effective autonomous material handling solution on the market. Finally “the rest of us” have an affordable way to get all the benefits of autonomous robots.

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