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QMI Robotics

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  • Member Since 2019
  • Robotic Supplier

QMI Robotics a is Kentucky-based tech start-up that cut its R&D teeth while serving the contract manufacturing and the product development needs of IBM and Lexmark for more than 50 years. Seven (7) years in the making, President, Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jeff Rose’s brainchild, was to surpass the limits and capacity of heavy-costly electric motors by miniaturizing and harnessing the superior lifting power of hydraulics for robots. We are bringing the power and cost advantages of traditional hydraulic equipment to small robotic arms and hands. Additionally, our patented sensors, which uses an FDA approved electrolyte, creates a superior geographic profile of where an object is in the robotic hand to give robots the human-like sense of touch. The laboratory-tested results of QMI-R’s end-of-arm grippers’ capacity and its ability to manipulate large and heavy or small and delicate objects, clearly points to a significant advantage in adaptive robotic grippers.


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