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Reis Robotics USA, Inc.

  • IL, United States
  • Tel: (847) 741-9500
  • Fax: (847) 888-2762

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  • Member Since 2002
  • Robotic Supplier

Reis Robotics is one of the most successful and technologically advanced companies in the field of robotic systems. The company's operation includes development and manufacturing of state-of-the art industrial robots and controllers in all kinematics, designing, planning, and manufacturing of turnkey automation systems. Reis Robotics offers a full range of services, such as training, programming, installations, and production monitoring, customized to the customer's requirements. Customers are in various application fields, such as welding, cutting, laser technology, handling, coating, gluing, packing, palatalizing, order picking, loading and unloading of machines, die casting automation, and injection molding automation. With extensive research, training, and testing, we assist our customers worldwide in using new technologies and applications.


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