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Tapeswitch Corporation

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  • Member Since 2005
  • Robotic Supplier

For over 55 years, Tapeswitch Corporation has manufactured/offered robotics machine safety - rated safety/guarding products for Robotics OEM/user sectors and a custom manufacturing product division for switches/mats/edges/bumpers for OEM sector (fee-based) in global markets.

Complete Solutions include:

Signaling Switches: ribbon switches, touch pads, sensing cells, foot/hand switches, small area switches for commercial/industrial sectors

Presence Detection/Sensing: switches/mats/edges/bumpers for commercial and industrial sectors

Machine Safety-Rated Guarding : switches, mats, edges, bumpers, light curtains, laser scanners, programmable and modular safety controllers, non-contact safety switches, and power isolation and access (lock-out) trapped key interlocks.


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