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Troax, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2011
  • Robotic Supplier

When it comes to machine guarding and safety fencing systems, Troax has been the global leader for over 63 years. With manufacturing on 4 continents and a presence in 38+ countries, partnering with Troax gives you and your customers "local" support in lots of places.

Troax includes CAD design services and offers a flexible, adaptable and modular product range that at the very least meets, and in most cases exceeds, ALL safety standards and directives. Want to push limits and think outside the box? Then engage the in-house Troax Test Center where imagination gets married to R & D and thorough technical review.

So, if protecting people, property and processes is your corporate goal, then know that safety doesn’t happen by accident and reaching out to Team Troax should be your go-to move.


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