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Vecna Robotics

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  • Member Since 2017
  • Robotic Supplier

Two decades of engineering advanced hardware and software has gone into developing a low-risk, highly scalable fleet of robotic AGVs. Our end-to-end solutions deliver accuracy, productivity, and competitive advantage across a wide range of processes and markets. Vecna Robotics is committed to helping Fortune 50s, small-, & medium-sized businesses reduce costs and optimize workflows with automation that adapts to you.

Dynamic Fleet of Autonomous Material Movers

- Transport cases, totes, pallets, or non-conveyables

- No infrastructure changes required

- Designed to interact and coordinate with each other

Integrated Intelligence Control

- AI control system for optimized fleet management

- Simple coordination of robots, manual equipment, and workers

- Simple WMS integration

Comprehensive Support

- Pre-sales simulation to determine optimum configuration

- Rapid installation by Vecna Robotics Deployment Team

- 24/7 IIoT Monitoring (no physical intervention needed)


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