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Wepall Robot Easy Tools, S.L.

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  • Member Since 2020
  • Robotic Supplier

With more than 20 years integrating robotic palletizing equipment and more than 500 lines assembled around the World, so basing on the experience gained, Wepall team has developed Pall-e, a tool that facilitates and simplifies the installation and configuration of the equipment. With Pall-e, today is possible to assembly and start up a robotic palletizer without having programming knowledge of any robot brand. The line will be configured by an application that guides the user during all the procedure. Pall-e allows you to shorten the assembly period, so you will have sooner the line to produce and you will save assembly costs because of this shortening. Pall-e will generate the program that will operate the system optimally, using always the shortest trajectories, so that increases the production capacity of the line. Pall-e is compatible with the majority of the industrial PLC and commercial robots brands, so the client has absolute flexibility for that choice.

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