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igus Inc.

  • RI, United States
  • Tel: (800) 521-2747
  • Fax: (401) 438-7270

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  • Member Since 2005
  • Robotic Supplier

igus® develops industry-leading Energy Chain cable carriers®, Chainflex continuous-flex cables, iglide® plastic plain bearings, igubal® spherical bearings, and DryLin® linear bearings and guide systems. These seemingly unrelated products are linked together through a belief in making functionally advanced, yet affordable plastic components and assemblies. Over 80,000 products available from stock. No minimum order required.

For robotics applications requiring three-dimensional (3-D) and multi-axis freedom of movement, igus® offers Triflex® R multi-dimensional Energy Chains®. Smooth contours and a tubular design ensure fluid mobility. Triflex® R is constructed with a ball and socket style modular assembly, which provides high tensile strength and flexibility without the need for steel cables.

Services include full in-house harnessing, design consultation, on-site consultation, guarantee and warranty.

Case Studies

Linear Guides and Plastic Bearings Facilitate Motion for MRI-guided Robot

POSTED: 07/06/2011

A team of researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have developed a teleoperated robot that will greatly improve the way prostate cancer is detected and treated.  igus® donated parts to the project at no cost, including DryLin® linear guide systems and iglide® plastic plain bearings, which facilitate the robot’s motion.

Sliding Slewing Ring Bearings

POSTED: 05/24/2010

Rotary motion on an ultrasonic welding machine  EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A developer and manufacturer of custom-made equipment for the fabricating industry uses sliding slewing ring bearings from igus® for rotary motion on an ultrasonic welding machine. iglide® PRT slewing ring bearings facilitate movement on both the X and Y

Plastic Plain Bearings for Ski Bindings

POSTED: 04/16/2010

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A Colorado-based manufacturer has incorporated iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® into its high-end, telemark ski-bindings, which has both created a more reliable product and virtually eliminated maintenance requirements. Defective ski-bindings risk the health and life

Pre-Harnessed Cable Carriers Withstand High Speeds and Accelerations

POSTED: 09/23/2009

500,000 cycles per year EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – August 13, 2009 – Jessup Engineering uses pre-harnessed cable carriers from igus® on its overhead hoists for the metal-finishing industry. The cable carriers replace umbilicals, which were not suitable

Plastic Bearings Offer Major Cost Savings

POSTED: 04/24/2009

Plastic bearings replace bronze in camera jibs for the film industry EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – April 24, 2009 – EZ FX uses iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® on its camera jibs for the

Cable Carriers Eliminate Costly Maintenance

POSTED: 04/15/2009

Cable carriers replace festoons on automated storage and retrieval systems EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – March 27, 2009 – Weldon Solutions uses plastic cable carriers and continuous-flex cables from igus® on its automated storage and retrieval systems for the baking industry.  They replace festoon systems that required more space and

Low Cost Bearings for High-Speed Scanning

POSTED: 02/09/2009

Imaging Business Machines LLC (IBML) uses iglide polymer plain bearings in its line of intelligent document-scanning platforms. The low-cost, self-lubricating bushings withstand the paper dust created by the scanners and the six-day, 24-hour operation schedules frequently demanded of them. IBML’s

Bearing Up in the Packaging Industry

POSTED: 02/09/2009

Matrix Packaging Machinery, a primary packaging equipment manufacturer, implemented maintenance-free DryLin R linear bearings on its packaging machines after recirculating ball bearings caused shaft damage and grease leaks. Matrix manufactures form fill and seal packaging equipment to handle

A Smoother Ride with Plastic Bearings

POSTED: 02/09/2009

Straitline Components, a manufacturer of precision pedals for biking hobbyists and extremists, employed lubrication-free iglide G300 bearings after roller bushings caused premature wear and failure for its customers. Straitline manufactures a wide range of bicycle pedals and parts from

24-Hour Schedule No Problem for Linear Guides

POSTED: 02/09/2009

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. uses maintenance-free DryLin W linear guides in a custom packaging machine used to box up four cases of plastic bottles per minute, 24 hours a day. The linear guides replace standard slotted brackets and act as a vertical guide for the machine’s grabbing device.

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