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maxon precision motors, inc.

  • MA, United States
  • Tel: (800) 865-7540
  • Fax: (508) 677-0530
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  • Member Since 1998
  • Robotic Supplier

maxon precision motors, inc. manufactures small, high quality, DC brushless motors used in such industries as medical, semiconductor, test and measurement, robotics and manufacturing, among others. These motors range in size from 4mm - 90 mm. maxon's rhombic wound ironless rotor motors provide exceptionally high efficiency, low EMI emissions, fast acceleration, no preferred rotor position, linear speed and torque constants (accurate control) and long life. maxon also offers gearheads, encoders and tachometers to compliment its motors as well as a complete family of control electronics for velocity, torque and position control.


maxon launches New Products

POSTED: 03/17/2015

At the Hannover Messe in Germany, maxon motor will be releasing a multitude of new products.

Right Angle Spiroid® Gear

POSTED: 01/26/2015

maxon precision motors introduces right angle gearheads designed to be configured with maxon’s 22mm and 32mm dc motors.

maxon: Integration made easy.

POSTED: 12/22/2014

The maxon motor EPOS2 motion controllers for DC brushed and brushless motors are enhanced.

ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller

POSTED: 11/25/2014

A miniature controller with maximum functionality.

Successful Landing on Comet Chury: Congratulations from maxon motor!

POSTED: 11/12/2014

Rosetta mission employs Swiss drive technology.

More versions, more power the new DCX motors and GPX gearboxes

POSTED: 11/11/2014

New additions to the maxon family of X drives.

maxon motor Takes Part in Chase to Catch Up with a Comet

POSTED: 08/18/2014

DC motors manufactured by maxon are part of this pioneering feat.

maxon's BLDC Motor EC 19 and planetary gearhead GP 19 M

POSTED: 08/15/2014

High power up to 120 W, speeds up to 100,000 rpm, sterilizable 1000 times.

More to Configure - Motor, Gearhead and Encoder Tailored to Your Needs

POSTED: 04/30/2014

Like all motors in the DCX series, these brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition

maxon's MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller

POSTED: 04/30/2014

maxon motor launches the MAXPOS 50/5. This compact EtherCAT Slave unveils unprecedented possibilities as far as precision, dynamics, and synchronization

Exhilarating Speed - Man and Machine at Their Limits

POSTED: 04/30/2014

The newest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is available now. Join Formula Renault 3.5 pilot Nico Müller on

EC-4pole 32 HD with Planetary Gearhead

POSTED: 04/30/2014

The Heavy Duty Motor EC 22 HD, innovation of the year in 2010, has now been joined by a larger

Opportunity Celebrates 10 Years on Mars

POSTED: 04/30/2014

Ten years ago, the NASA rovers Opportunity and Spirit landed on Mars. Today, Opportunity is still exploring Mars – an

maxon Introduces Motion Control Engineering Manager

POSTED: 04/30/2014

maxon precision motors, the leading supplier of high precision drives and systems, has announced that Biren Patel will lead its

maxon's ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S

POSTED: 04/30/2014

maxon motor introduces a miniaturized OEM plug-in module for sensorless brushless applications. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller

maxon's Highly Dynamic Brushless DC motors

POSTED: 01/20/2014

In automation and robotics, many applications are characterized by high energy and high torque at the same time. Spatial restrictions

e-Business Agent Discusses New DC Motor Design at Motors & Drive Systems Conference 2014

POSTED: 12/09/2013

maxon precision motors proudly announces that e-Business Agent, Matt Badger will be presenting at Motor & Drive Systems Conference

High-tech cameras – lightning-fast, ultra-sharp and legendary

POSTED: 11/22/2013

In the new edition of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, everything revolves around high-tech cameras

maxon's NEW configurable DC motors and gearheads

POSTED: 11/20/2013

maxon motor’s DCX series is being expanded with two new DC motors.

REM-C, a University / Industry Partnership for Innovation

POSTED: 11/07/2013

REM-C, a university / industry partnership is pleased to announce its formation. REM-C (Roboticists, Engineers & Manufacturers Consortium) was established

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