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Yaskawa Motoman

  • OH, United States
  • Tel: (937) 847-6200
  • Fax: (937) 847-6277
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  • Member Since 1982
  • Robotic Supplier

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading robotics company in the Americas. With over 300,000 Motoman robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Our product line includes more than 150 distinct robot models and a full-line of pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application specific work cells, including robot, process and safety equipment.

Combined with our sister and partner companies, we support robotic solutions throughout the world. Our proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction can help you exceed your robotic automation goals.


Yaskawa Motoman Announces New Facility in Queretaro, Mexico

POSTED: 06/09/2014

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Queretaro, Mexico.

Agile Planet Changes Name to Yaskawa Innovation

POSTED: 05/13/2014

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division (Yaskawa Motoman) acquired all outstanding shares of Agile Planet, Inc. in June 2013

National Robotics Week Provides Opportunity to Encourage Interest in STEM Subjects

POSTED: 04/28/2014

Yaskawa Motoman celebrated National Robotics Week by inviting student groups to take facility tours, speak with automation professionals about future

Yaskawa Motoman Robots Participate in NASA Teleoperation Test to Develop Robotic Refueling Technologies

POSTED: 04/22/2014

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to announce that NASA recently selected its Motoman® SIA50 seven-axis robots for use in a teleoperation

MLX200 Robot Gateway: Control and Program Multiple Robots through PLC

POSTED: 03/03/2014

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to announce the MLX200 Robot Gateway – the newest PLC control platform for Motoman® robots.

Yaskawa Motoman IMPACT Corporate Giving Program Reinforces Commitment to Community

POSTED: 02/10/2014

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to announce it has established the IMPACT Corporate Giving Program. IMPACT was founded to encourage and

Yaskawa Motoman MPP3S Delta Robot for Packaging, Cartoning and Kitting Applications

POSTED: 01/08/2014

Yaskawa Motoman introduces the new delta-style, low-profile Motoman® MPP3S “short” robot.

Yaskawa Motoman MH12 Robot Provides Superior Performance in Wide Range of Applications

POSTED: 12/19/2013

The new MH12 six-axis robot provides superior performance in assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications.

Anderson Receives AWS 2013 Excellence in Robotic and Automated Arc Welding Award

POSTED: 12/16/2013

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to announce that Chris Anderson, welding product marketing manager, is the recipient of the 2013 Excellence

Yaskawa Motoman Compact MS165/MS210 Robots: Optimized for Spot Welding Applications

POSTED: 12/03/2013

New high-speed MS165 and MS210 robots are 20% faster overall than previous ES-series robots

Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 Welding Robot Offers Improved Welding Speed

POSTED: 11/20/2013

Dayton, OH — Sleek, strong and fast, the new 6-axis MA1440 arc

Yaskawa Motoman DX200 Robot Controller Provides Enhanced Safety and Energy Efficiency

POSTED: 11/18/2013

The new DX200 robot controller builds on the robust process capabilities of the current DX100 controller

Yaskawa Motoman Releases Ethernet Interface to Miller Auto-Axcess Power Sources

POSTED: 10/22/2013

Yaskawa Motoman has updated its digital interface for Miller Electric power sources

A New Technology to Simplify Welding Robot Teaching from Robotiq and Yaskawa

POSTED: 10/16/2013

Robotiq, in partnership with Yaskawa Motoman, releases Kinetiq Teaching™– a new technology to quickly and easily task welding robots without

Yaskawa Motoman Offers New RM2 Double Trunnion, “Ferris Wheel” Style Robotic Part Positioners

POSTED: 08/23/2013

Yaskawa Motoman has introduced new models of its popular “Ferris Wheel” part positioners.

Yaskawa Motoman Announces Interface Update for Lincoln Electric Power Wave Power Sources

POSTED: 08/12/2013

Yaskawa Motoman has updated its graphic-based interface to Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave® power sources.

Yaskawa Motoman Offers STEM Platform for Education and Workforce Development

POSTED: 07/31/2013

Yaskawa Motoman has released a new STEM Robotics Platform for education and workforce development.

Yaskawa Motoman Announces Platform for Pre- and Post-Analytic Specimen Processing

POSTED: 07/16/2013

Dayton, OH — AutoSorter™ 1200 is Yaskawa Motoman’s newest high-speed sorting instrument for pre- and post-analytic specimen processing. Leveraging the previous model’s excellent record for reliability and speed, AutoSorter 1200 raises the bar on throughput at up to 1,200 tubes/hr. A larger

Yaskawa America, Inc. Acquires Agile Planet, Inc.

POSTED: 06/18/2013

The Motoman Robotics Division of Yaskawa America, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has acquired all outstanding shares

MLX100 Robot Gateway: Control and Program Multiple Robots through PLC

POSTED: 04/29/2013

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to announce enhanced functionality of dual-robot control with its MLX100 Robot Gateway™. MLX100 enables controlling and

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