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RoboDK develops simulation and offline programming software for industrial robots. Easily simulate your robot offline, on your PC and deploy programs for any robot with just a few clicks. No programming skills are required with the intuitive RoboDK graphical interface. Easily program any robot for any manufacturing application and eliminate production downtime caused by shop floor programming. RoboDK’s CAM to path tools allows for using any robot like a 5-axis CNC, such as robot machining. RoboDK’s library includes more than 300 industrial robots.

Furthermore, RoboDK provides robot calibration and performance testing solutions according to ISO 9283 standard. RoboDK allows users to accurately calibrate robots (including an accurate Denavit Hartenberg model) as well as the reference frame and robot tools.

Advanced users can program any robot using the same universal programming language and the RoboDK API. The RoboDK API is available in Python, C#, Visual Basic, C++ and Matlab.


Should You Invest in Robotic Manufacturing In Tough Times?

POSTED: 04/07/2020

Should You Invest in Robotic Manufacturing In Tough Times? Is now the right time to think about investing in a robot? What are other manufacturers doing? Many people are unsure of what to do right now and concerned about the future of manufacturing.

What’s the Best Reach for an Industrial Robot?

POSTED: 01/07/2020

  A robot’s “reach” will determine many other factors, e.

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