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EPSON Robots

  • CA, United States
  • Tel: (562) 290-5910
  • Fax: (562) 290-5999
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  • Member Since 1978
  • Robotic Supplier

EPSON Robots is the global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation with a product line of hundreds of easy-to-use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots. Our industry leading EPSON RC+ PC based control software and powerful integrated options such as vision guide, conveyor tracking, .NET controls, force sensing, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder, security option and more help reduce development time, improve system performance and save you money. Building on a 30-year heritage, EPSON delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor and telecommunication industries.


EPSON Robots G and RS Series Scara Robots Get New Controller

POSTED: 10/07/2015

The EPSON RC700A Controller - More Power, Performance, and Ease of Use.

EPSON Robots Announces Distributor of the Year 2015 - IRBY Company

POSTED: 10/01/2015

EPSON Robots recognizes IRBY Company, as Distributor of the Year 2015 for an outstanding year.

EPSON Robots Honors Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 Years of Outstanding Partnership

POSTED: 12/02/2014

Epson Robots recognizes Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 years of partnership in designing and implementing top notch robotic automation solutions.

EPSON Robots Appoints New Distributor

POSTED: 04/09/2013

EPSON Robots announces Burns Controls as an Authorized Distributor for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

C3-V 6-Axis Robots for Aseptic Manufacturing

POSTED: 11/07/2012

Designed for Automation in Medical/ Pharmaceutical Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®) Gas Environments

EPSON Robots Launches New and Improved Website

POSTED: 08/08/2012

EPSON Robots New Website - Sleek, Interactive and Easy to Use    Carson, CA – EPSON Robots, a global

EPSON Robots Expands Low Cost SCARA Robots Lineup

POSTED: 05/30/2012

EPSON Robots introduces the new LS6 SCARA robots to the LS-Series SCARA lineup.

EPSON Robots Announces New Version of EPSON RC+ 5.0

POSTED: 01/13/2012

EPSON Robots introduces version 5.4 of EPSON RC+ 5.0, a powerful development environment now featuring the EPSON RC+ Simulator. Visit

EPSON Robots Announces New LS3 Compact SCARA Robots

POSTED: 11/08/2011

Fast, Compact and Low Cost

EPSON Robots Announces High Speed And Long Reach 6-Axis Robots - S5-Series

POSTED: 06/14/2011

EPSON S5-Series Robots – High Speed and Long Reach 6-Axis Robots

EPSON Robots Opens New Office In Brazil

POSTED: 01/05/2011

EPSON Robots is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Brazil, South America. The new office is

New EPSON RS4 Robot

POSTED: 10/05/2010

EPSON Robots did it again. We just added to our Power of Choice initiative by introducing the NEW RS4 to

EPSON Robots Announces Industry Leading PC Based Controller

POSTED: 08/02/2010

EPSON Robots introduces the new RC620+, EPSON’s 4th generation open architecture PC based workcell controller. The high performance RC620+ provides

G1 Mini SCARA Robots

POSTED: 03/16/2010

Industry Leading Mini SCARA robots provide an ultra compact yet powerful solution for even the most demanding applications

EPSON Announces Industry Leading Compact 6 Axis Robots

POSTED: 11/02/2009

EPSON Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, introduces the new EPSON C3 Compact 6 Axis Robots.

EPSON G3 SCARA Robots - New Curved Arm Option

POSTED: 06/02/2009

EPSON G3 SCARA Robots lead the industry with best in class cycle time, precision and motion range. Simply put, we are the low cost, high performance leader for small SCARA robots. With over 30 new models available in arm lengths of 250, 300 and 350mm, EPSON G3 robots are able

EPSON Robots Announces New Unique Scara Robot Type-RS3

POSTED: 03/17/2009

EPSON RS3 Robots - High Performance SCARA Plus   --  EPSON Robots, a global leader in SCARA robot technology, today introduced the new EPSON RS3 Robot, featuring all the benefits of a typical SCARA plus more. The unique new design of the EPSON RS3 clearly puts it ahead of other

EPSON Robots Announces New G3 Compact SCARA Robots

POSTED: 03/16/2009

EPSON G3 Robots - The Leader in Compact SCARA's, The Best Just Got Better Carson, CA - February 19, 2009 - EPSON Robots, a global leader in SCARA robot technology, further expanded it's G-Series lineup with the introduction of the new EPSON G3 compact SCARAs. EPSON G3 SCARA robots

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