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SICK, Inc.

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  • Member Since 1988
  • Robotic Supplier

Whether safeguarding robot assembly areas or inspecting in-process or finished product, companies can count on SICK for innovative products and top-notch expertise to deliver a wide range of product application solutions. Products from SICK initiate, inspect, confirm, monitor and safeguard the movement of product in a variety of industries that use robotics for automation. With the customer as our focus and innovation as our guide, SICK is equipped to deliver unique and superior products to the robotics industry.

Industry Insights

Error-Proofing in Today’s Competitive Manufacturing Environment

POSTED: 06/22/2006

Error-proofing is an essential systematic process for improving the reliability, quality and stability of lean manufacturing methods.  You can never completely eliminate error, but error-proofing helps mitigate the impact of human error involved in the manufacturing process.  The goal is to catch the mistake on the assembly/production line, before it is

Interface Options for Robotic Safety Control Systems

POSTED: 03/04/2006

With the increasing acceptance of safety-rated network architectures and firmware-based control systems, users have the opportunity to leverage numerous benefits previously reserved for non-safety applications.  These systems are typically third-party certified to meet the requirements defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Ministry of Labour regulations as

Robot Safety Begins with the Design Process

POSTED: 10/17/2003

To realize the many benefits that robots offer a production facility, safety considerations are THE top priority in protecting the operator, maintenance personnel and other personnel that interact with the robot.  These safeguards should be designed into and around the robotic cell early in the design process to maximize the

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