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SICK, Inc.

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  • Member Since 1988
  • Robotic Supplier

Whether safeguarding robot assembly areas or inspecting in-process or finished product, companies can count on SICK for innovative products and top-notch expertise to deliver a wide range of product application solutions. Products from SICK initiate, inspect, confirm, monitor and safeguard the movement of product in a variety of industries that use robotics for automation. With the customer as our focus and innovation as our guide, SICK is equipped to deliver unique and superior products to the robotics industry.


A Shared Vision: SICK AG and MVTec Software GmbH Step Up Cooperation

POSTED: 11/24/2015

SICK AG and MVTec Software are now stepping up their cooperation in order to increase the range of application areas.

Small, Lightweight TiM351 2D Laser Scanner Ensures Reliable Indoor and Outdoor Detection Capabilities

POSTED: 06/25/2015

Wide range of adjustable configuration fields provides greater application possibilities.

DeltaPac MultiTask Photoelectric Sensor Eliminates Product Gaps on Conveyor Lines

POSTED: 11/01/2014

Improved production efficiency and reduced costs due to patented technology.

G10 Photoelectric Sensor Can Be Mounted and Aligned in Seconds

POSTED: 10/29/2014

Long sensing distance up to 1,200 mm ensures reliable object detection.

Compact AHS/AHM36 Absolute Encoders Fit in Nearly Any Application Space

POSTED: 09/20/2014

Rotating connector and cable outlet provide flexible installation.

SICK’s CLV600 Series Bar Code Scanners with IP 69K Housing

POSTED: 08/29/2014

Withstands harsh conditions in food and beverage industry.

Compact CLV610 Bar Codes Scanners Offer Reliable Solution for Short Reading Distances

POSTED: 06/18/2014

Optimized reading field for logistics applications

SICK’s R/IR ZoneControl Sensors Provide Between-the-Roller Mounting

POSTED: 02/07/2014

SICK announces the launch of the R/IR sensors.

SAM Inductive Sensor from SICK Reliably Monitors Both Speed and Acceleration

POSTED: 02/07/2014

SICK announces the launch of the SAM inductive sensor for speed and acceleration monitoring.

Flexi Loop Safety Controller Node Cascades up to 32 Sensors onto One Loop

POSTED: 01/10/2014

Connectivity with a single cable reduces wiring effort and saves costs

SICK Launches New Compact, User-programmable DFS2X Incremental Encoders

POSTED: 10/07/2013

Smaller housing sizes are ideal for tight spaces in harsh environments

SICK’s CM12 Capacitive Sensor with Two-Point Teach Enables Easy Setup

POSTED: 08/08/2013

SICK announces the launch of the CM12 capacitive sensor.

Three New Safety Light Curtain Variants with IP 69K Housings

POSTED: 05/01/2013

Reliable safeguarding solution that reduces customers’ cost of ownership

SICK’s W4S-3 Hygiene Sensor Eliminates Bacteria Growth in Food & Beverage Applications

POSTED: 04/15/2013

SICK announces the launch of the W4S-3 Hygiene Photoelectric Sensor.

SICK Launches Frame Light Grids for Accurate Detection of Small Parts

POSTED: 04/04/2013

SICK announced the launch of the Frame Light Grids (FLG) for detecting and counting parts as small as 4 mm

SICK Launches AFS60/AFM60 with Industrial Ethernet

POSTED: 03/06/2013

SICK announced the launch of the AFS60 and AFM60 absolute encoders with Industrial Ethernet.

ML20 Markless Sensor

POSTED: 03/05/2013

SICK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, today announced the launch of the ML20 Markless sensor.

New RFU630 (UHF) RFID Interrogator from SICK

POSTED: 02/28/2013

SICK announces the launch of the new RFU630 RFID Interrogator.

W27 MultiPac Photoelectric Proximity Sensor

POSTED: 02/27/2013

Two receiver arrays ensure reliable detection of shiny, glossy and dark targets

SICK, Inc. Relocates its Manufacturing Facility and Expands Operations in Minnesota

POSTED: 11/12/2012

SICK announced a major expansion and relocation of its facilities in Minnesota. All production and warehousing will be relocated to

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