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Folding Guard®

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  • Member Since 2003
  • Robotic Supplier

Ensuring the safety of your facility and personnel with comprehensive Machine Guarding Systems

Folding Guard is a manufacturer of high-quality wire mesh machine guarding barrier systems. With a diverse product line, including both framed and frameless options, our safety systems are sure to keep both your machinery and your personnel safe.

We have a wide range of capabilities including design, configuration, fabrication, & powder coating. No matter the complexity of your layout, Folding Guard® can engineer the right solution for you!

Our line of Machine Guarding systems is comprised of three main products: - Saf-T-Fence® Machine Guarding - Versa Guard™ Machine Guarding - Drop-N-Lock® Bracket System for Saf-T-Fence®

To learn more about our full range of safety products, visit our website or contact your local representative to request a free quote today!


Facility Safety - what can you do?

POSTED: 10/06/2020

HOW CAN I KEEP MY FACILITY SAFE? This is the most important question any supervisor or facility employee can ask themselves.

How can you maintain OSHA compliance?

POSTED: 10/06/2020

First of all, what IS OSHA? OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Why is Machine Guarding important?

POSTED: 10/06/2020

We talk a lot on this blog about safety: how to maintain a safe work environment, why safety is important to productivity and the longevity of your company, and different factors that contribute to safety in manufacturing facilities.

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