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Automation Rangers, Inc.

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  • Member Since 2014
  • Robotic Consultant

Automation Rangers, ltd. works with customers on the subject of cableless safe control, motor controls, safety PLCs, controllers, relays and safety devices. We work with Electrical Sales of Ohio on ABB low voltage products, with specific emphasis on Jokab Safety Products. We address questions on cableless technology, personal safety, ergonomics, easy installation, low maintenance and a quick payback. We also handle questions on battery life, range, interference, durability, connectivity, integration and support. Our products are supported world-wide. We help engineering firms, integrators and users alike with the task of learning how safety technology applies. We have participated in advanced applications including factory-wide machining, distribution centers, forklift to machine interfaced controls, bolster machines, manufacturing lines and steel process applications. We offer seminars, training and consulting. Personal Safety with a return on investment is our focus.

Tech Papers

You Can't Grandfather Safety

POSTED: 05/04/2017

The “Grandfather Clause” If your factory uses the “Grandfather Clause” for an older process or machine, this article will save you, your people and company a lot of money and maybe a life or limb. Is it your understanding that your machinery is “Grandfathered”? And you don’t

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