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Robotics Case Studies

24-Hour Schedule No Problem for Linear Guides

igus Inc.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. uses maintenance-free DryLin W linear guides in a custom packaging machine used to box up four cases of plastic bottles per minute, 24 hours a day. The linear guides replace standard slotted brackets and act as a vertical guide for the machine’s grabbing device.

Schneider also uses DryLin W linear guides on a pneumatic arm in a pick-and-place mechanism used to package toner cartridges. They were integrated due to their resistance to the acidic toner and their low maintenance requirements.

Located in Brewerton, N.Y., Schneider has more than 35 years of experience in the case-packing and palletizing industry. The company focuses on supplying complete end-of-line solutions to its customers, including case- and tray-packaging equipment and robotic-palletizing systems, among others.

Schneider regularly uses the DryLin range from igus in both its custom design machines and finished products. Money savings for the company include both the initial purchasing cost and also reduced maintenance costs, as no lubrication is required for the linear systems.

The DryLin W system was developed to promote design flexibility and quick assembly in both single- and double-rail configurations. The rails are made from hard-anodized aluminum and the self-lubricating liner is made from igus’ high-performance plastic iglide J200, to which the linear guides attribute several benefits; a low coefficient of friction, dirt- and dust-resistance and a dry-running operation. They deliver long life in demanding conditions and are available off-the-shelf for a quick delivery. igus has just launched a new version with an adjustable clearance.

For more information on DryLin W linear guides call 888-803-1895. To read more about the ways customers are using DryLin linear bearings and other igus products, go to www.igus.com/applicationcorner.

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