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Robotics Case Studies

A Smoother Ride with Plastic Bearings

igus Inc.

Straitline Components, a manufacturer of precision pedals for biking hobbyists and extremists, employed lubrication-free iglide G300 bearings after roller bushings caused premature wear and failure for its customers.

Straitline manufactures a wide range of bicycle pedals and parts from brake levers and inner guides to bash rings. Every component is designed and produced at the company’s in-house workshop using some of the most sophisticated machines in the industry.

iglide G300 bearings support the rotating member of the bike pedals to ensure they turn properly. With the pedals predominantly being used by extreme mountain bikers, they are susceptible to increased wear. Rather than just pumping the pedals—like on a standard bicycle—extreme riders stand on the pedals, creating both higher static and shock loads. Lightweight, maintenance-free iglide G300 bearings provide a smoother ride. G300 can handle up to 11,600 pounds per square inch (PSI) and absorb the vibrations caused by tough terrain. The bearings are also not affected by outdoor elements such as dirt, heat and water.

By using iglide bearings, Straitline’s customers enjoy the benefits of reduced wear, lower costs and longer life.

“The roller bearings we were using had a short life cycle,” said Dennis Paulson, one of the owners of Straitline. “iglide bearings cost slightly less, but the most important advantage is that they don’t need to be replaced by riders. They last for the entire life of our pedals.”

igus offers an entire line of bearings including plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear guides and slide tables. For more information call 888-803-1895. To learn more about Straitline, visit www.straitlinecomponents.com. To read other customer success stories, visit www.igus.com/applicationcorner.

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