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Robotics Industry News

Flexiv Launches Early Adopter Program for Best Practice based on Adaptive Robot

Flexiv Robotics

On April 5, 2019, Flexiv ushered in the 3rd generation of robotics technology, Adaptive Robot, to the world during Hannover Messe 2019 in Germany. And meanwhile, Flexiv launched Early Adopter Program to end-users and system integrators worldwide from multi-industries.

The Flexiv Early Adopter Program (EAP) allows a limited number of key customers to gain access to highly customized solutions and deployment strategies of the Flexiv Robotic Arm. Leveraging our proof of concept offering, customers are able to explore potential solutions with the Flexiv Robotic Arm prior to making large order placement. The Flexiv EAP is a great way to achieve maximum results with minimum risk in a shorter time frame.

Currently, Flexiv has been working with some global leading manufacturers for business and cooperation through EAP, with the goal to build the best practice of applications based on adaptive robot technology. The success of EAP not only helps to prove Flexiv’s dedication and capability to fulfill the needs of customers but also helps to build trust and relationships to achieve strategic and long-term partnerships. Customers and partners from different industries who are willing to take their automation to the next level are welcome to join Flexiv Early Adopter Program.

How to apply for EAP?

  • Contact Flexiv through official channels below for application.
    • http://www.flexiv.com/contact.html -> INQUIRY
    • EAP@flexiv.com
    • +86-4000-800-312
  • Provide application information for Flexiv to evaluate the EAP project
  • Within 10 working days after project evaluation, receive EAP evaluation result from Flexiv
  • Sign EAP agreement and pay the deposit to kick off the program

About Flexiv

Flexiv Ltd. is a global leading robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots that integrate force control, computer vision, and AI technologies. Flexiv provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers in multiple industries. The company was founded in 2016, with a core founding team comprised of PhDs from robotics and AI laboratories at Stanford University.

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