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Robotics Industry News

Han's Robot Future Days Event attracts even more customers and partners

Han's Robot Germany GmbH

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the earlier planned offline show transformed into Future Days Online Exclusive Show and attracted even a wider audience than it was initially planned. Three digital live streams targeted Asian, European and the US markets, each followed by a life QA session.

The goal of the event was to introduce the company and reveal the result of the top tier engineering team 1,5 years of hard work at Han’s Robot Germany. Also during the show, a new company name was revealed - Neura Robotics, which will be marked as a corner stone on the path to revolutionize the world of robotics.

Three new robots were presented:

  1. LARA – (Light Agile Robotic Assistant) is a collaborative robot which is a cost efficient cobot which competes with the likes of Doosan Robotics, Universal Robot and others. While being more cost efficient LARA also provides a higher level of Performance, Precision and Protection than competitive products on the market. Therefore, LARA can be seen as a strong competitor for the automation of various tasks as of right now.
  2. MAV – (Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle) is an autonomous mobile robot which is designed to collaborate with humans. The AMR is able to handle a payload of 1500kg, has a speed of 2m/s and is intended for usage in intralogistics applications in production sites like the car manufacturing industry. What makes it special is its perception capabilities. Besides a very intuitive GUI, MAV can be programmed in an instructive way via e.g. gestures and/or voice commands. This makes him usable by everybody without intensive tutoring workshops.
  3. MIRA – (Multi-Sensing Industrial Robotic Assistant) the first commercially available cognitive robot which is a cognitive robot arm, designed to naturally interact with humans and to perceive its environment in an unprecedented way.

What is more, a combination of two robots (LARA + MAV) was introduced as a fully autonomous supply unit.

The 2 Robots named LARA and MAV will be available for purchase shortly. The cognitive robot MIRA was exclusively shown to the online audience, while the rest of the world will be able to see it later in 2021. For MIRA, the pilot series with a limited number of chosen partners already started but there are still potential spots for promising collaborations open.

Han's Robot is going to keep up with the updates on the official website in the next few weeks.

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