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Robotics Case Studies

How to Properly Seal Housings with RTV Silicone

Flexible Automation, Inc.

A manufacturer of hybrid power electronics needed to assemble and seal control module housings with high efficiency and 100% confidence.

Flexible Automation, Inc. (FAI) manufactures robotic systems that assemble and test automotive, consumer, and medical devices. 30 years of experience led to a system that dispenses RTV silicone and secures the housing halves using robots, vision, and an automated screwdriver.

At station #1 of the rotary dial chassis, the operator scans-in the housing halves with a Cognex barcode scanner and loads them onto the fixtures. Station #2 uses a Plasmatreat system mounted on an Epson robot to prep the plastic for bonding. Station #3 utilizes a Sealant Equipment brand dispense system mounted on a second Epson robot to lay down the bead of RTV silicone. A Cognex vision system is used inspect the quality of the sealant bead. Station #4 uses a pick-n-place to precisely assemble the housing halves together. When the housing returns to station #1, the operator uses an automated Atlas-Copco screwdriver to secure the halves before unloading. All of the assembly and inspection data is collected and stored for traceability.

The automotive supplier provides their customer with product guaranteed to have 100% quality. Further, the supplier now has a flexible automated system that can easily be reprogrammed to process future product models.

About Flexible Automation Inc.
We are a group of automation, engineering & design specialists that creatively solve assembly problems.  Based in Michigan, we have strong mid-west work ethics with a tenacity to do everything it takes to find a solution.  We feel this, along with our staff of over 50 automation experts is what allows us to be successful.  We’d love to find a solution to your assembly challenges.

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