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Robotics Case Studies

JMP Keeps 1,000 lbs of Parts Moving

JMP Solutions, Automation and Robotics Division

The Challenge
The movement of very heavy parts (over 1,000 lbs.) was a challenge for our client, a parts manufacturer. Using manual labour to move these parts was slow and unsafe, and the client needed to automate this process.

The JMP Approach
JMP worked together with the robot manufacturer to create a robot that would be able to handle very heavy parts. The robot wrist capacity had to be able to flip 1,000 lb. parts. JMP also developed a proven, off-the-shelf automated part marker leveraging technology that could mark varying part sizes. We combined this with a custom servo driver table, which takes into account the differing diameters of the parts and compensates depending on the size of each part.

JMP’s Unique Value
JMP designs and engineers its material handling systems to be flexible, scalable, and easy to maintain. We design our systems with highly reliable and available components that can be sourced from name-brand suppliers. Our systems are tested and industrialized for long life and maximum up-time. JMP assists clients in realizing their full potential by collaborating throughout the life-cycle of the solution.

The Client Payoff
Switching from a manual to an automated process greatly improved throughput for our client. The non-value added labour was re-allocated to other positions in the plant and safety concerns were alleviated.

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