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Robotics Case Studies

Long Life with the ZIMMER GROUP MGP800 Series Grippers at Erwin Quarder

Zimmer Group US, Inc.

The MGP800 series is a small components gripper that is ideal for small spaces and small part size, similar to the application for Erwin Quarder Inc. (EQI). Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, EQI’s specialties include over-molding, complex 2-shot molding, and insert molding of varying intricacies to the Automotive and Medical markets. They had a need for a delicate gripper application for an Automotive OEM that required the Zimmer Group’s expertise for design and timely delivery that would not only stand up to a harsh molding environment, but would also add long term value and durability.

The MGP800 series is rated for 10 million maintenance-free cycles. At the expected rate of 1.5 million cycles per year, EQI could guarantee worry free performance to go along with their own tooling guarantee of 1-million shot-life cycles. EQI has a global reputation for their high quality tool steel and tight tolerance capability with regard to plastic part design and production using many types of engineered plastic resins. Zimmer Group’s value added performance along with their robust design allowed the 16 individual grippers to place the small aluminum bushings “exactly” where EQI wanted them within the tool and the quality EQI expected from Zimmer. The MGP800 series more than delivered with a repeatability within 25 microns. Precision and performance complete...!

A quote from Mr. Waldemar Boldt, Automation Department Manager, “You [Zimmer Group] are not the least expensive but we are saving money and time in the long run”.  In today’s manufacturing world, with machines getting more and more complex, if you can pick a gripper with long, proven life, it could help eliminate downtime and loss of profits down the road.

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