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Robotics Case Studies

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Plasma Punch Fabrication Center

Acieta, LLC

Plasma punch fabrication center

Loading and unloading of metal sheets to a plasma punch fabrication center

The Problem:
Manually loading and unloading the tables is very strenuous and labor intensive.  When unloading the table, the production process must be stopped for the finished product to be manually unloaded.  This wastes valuable time.


  • Continue manually loading and unloading
  • A system for automatically loading raw material, but manual parts removal

The Robot Chosen:
Robotic Work Station Crane CLR 

Why this Robot was chosen:
The Gorbel Robotic Work Station Crane provided spanning capability to cover the cutting table, the raw material table, and parts drop off tables.  The system also had the capacity and speed needed to meet cycle times. 

Load                  1250 lb
Length                46 ft
Width                 20 ft
Cycle Time         30 sec
Travel Speed      200 fpm

©2000 Gorbel Inc.


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