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Robotics Case Studies

Small Part Deburring

by Paula Kyle
Acieta, LLC


Intensive manual labor in a high temperature environment required to unload powdered metal parts from a press deburr and load into an oven for hardening.


Design of a turnkey robotic system to automated the load/unload deburring process.  The operator is no longer required in the high temperature environment.  Production is increased due to robot speeds, and the system deburrs and loads a part every six (6) seconds.  This system featured:

  • Dual conveyor system with Automated Concepts, Inc. escapements.
  • Automated Concepts, Inc. end of arm robotic gripping system.
  • Automated Concepts, Inc. deburring system.
  • Fanuc model 710i robot.
  • Robohand gripper with Automated Concepts, Inc. designed fingers.
  • Automated Concepts, Inc. deburring station.

Description of Process:
The press ejects a part onto press conveyor.  Part is transferred to robot conveyor where it is reorienteed to protect critical areas on the part.  Part is sensed and shuttled onto the pickup station and a part present signal is sent to the robot.  The robot picks up the part and moves to the deburr station and deburrs the part.  Finally, the part is passed through an air blow off for cleaning and placed on the outbound conveyor to the oven.


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