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Robotics Case Studies

Tech-Con Automation Recently Implemented the Most Recent Version of INDUSTRIOS

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

“Not only did we buy a software solution, but we purchased the expertise of the people from INDUSTRIOS and their implementation team. They’ve really helped us improve how we operate our business today,” Nino LaDuca, General Manager

Since its inception in 1995, Tech-Con Automation has been building a tradition of quality Robotic Systems and proven Integrated Solutions. They have grown to become a leading source for Pallet Based Assembly lines, Material Handling, Waterjet and Industrial Automation. They take pride in providing designers and manufacturers with a dependable and efficient source for their projects. From machining, fabrication, mechanical and electrical services to project management and engineering, Tech-Con Automation is a one-stop source for complete automation solutions. Their customer focus approach allows them to engineer and integrate control and automated systems within Canada, USA and Mexico.

Moving Forward with INDUSTRIOS
A new INDUSTRIOS customer, Tech-Con Automation recently implemented the most recent version of INDUSTRIOS. The key challenge was the ability to view and manage information from a Project Accounting Focus. For Tech-Con Automation, it was essential to have the ability to take on Project Accounting needs within the typical operational system requirements for inventory, time tracking/ recording and procurement management. Tech-Con Automation required a manufacturing software solution which could rise to meet these challenges. INDUSTRIOS answered this call, and provided some helpful surprises along with way.

“Information now is visible...on a live basis and allows our key project team...to see live information and allows us to make better business, and informed decisions, with respect to our project’s,” Nino LaDuca,General Manager Project Module During the conversations between Tech-Con Automation and INDUSTRIOS, the need to effectively manage projects became apparent.

The result: INDUSTRIOS Project Management.
This module provides tools integrated with INDUSTRIOS for distribution or manufacturing, enabling the company to capture details for all project needs. Nino LaDuca, General Manager of Tech-Con Automation, outined three key goals which needed to be accomplished with the Project Management module: centralized data, the elimination of double or triplicate labour hour entries and the convenience of operational and financial data. This is now all a reality. Everything from defining budgets, tracking costs, calculating a detailed percentage of completion analyis, full integration with shop floor tracking and MS Excel, and other features, are now available in one module.

An example is the ability to have live status of projects, essential for Tech-Con Automation. Prior to INDUSTRIOS, information needed to be requested from the accounting team, slowing the overall process. Now with INDUSTRIOS, this data is presented to the Production team, timely and accurately. “That information now is visible to us on a live basis and allows our key project team or key executive team to see live information, and it allows us to make better business and informed decisions with respect to our Project’s.” Nino LaDuca, Project Manager.

Payroll and Labour Hour Entry
A significant improvement from INDUSTRIOS’ implementation is the automation of payroll and labour hour entry. Formally, this process was far from automated. Inputting hours was completed manually, requiring significant amounts of time for employees to enter large amounts of information. Also due to the manual process, data entry errors - namely double and triplicate entries - was a factor causing inconsistent data. With the improvements facilitated by INDUSTRIOS, this issue is now solved.

Following nearly two days of data compilation, all employees had immediate access. In addition, shop floor employees, “...are now booking time to jobs on a continuous clock, it’s allowing our people and our management team to specifically see what it is they’re working on, and it’s given our project team exactly more live financial data,” Nino LaDuca, General Manager. Payroll and labour hour data entry is now accurate and automated with its status available in real- time, billing the Project Management team’s need to have complete data visibility.

Visibility of Accurate Data
Before the INDUSTRIOS implementation, data for multiple projects was in multiple areas. Now, their ability to see status information in real-time is an integral function. All employees have the ability to see real-time live status of projects, and payroll and labour hour entries are streamlined into one module, rather than using different systems to extract project information and finance. This provides time savings, and increases the overall efficiency of the entire businesses.

Human Resources Efficiency
With these streamlined processes, Tech-Con Automation has also increased efficiency. As duplicate data entries are no longer an issue, employees have more time to complete other activities. With this heightened efficiency, no additional head counts are needed. The current workforce can fulfill production orders and be sustained while the company continues to grow. “...If we were to grow another 10% - 15% we wouldn’t need to incur any more headcount. We have the right mix, based on the software we now have.” Nino LaDuca,General Manager

The Future with INDUSTRIOS
Tech-Con Automation is very happy with the support, knowledgeable staff and exemplary training, and views INDUSTRIOS not only as a manufacturing software solutions provider, but as a trusted business partner. INDUSTRIOS’ extensive knowledge will continue to be leveraged to create additional efficiencies within the business. Core improvements have been made throughout operations and in Tech-Con Automation’s current facilities, which will be carried forward to their new division, ensuring a new era of continued success.

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