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Robotics Case Studies

Tech-Con Proven Robotic Palletizing System Ensures Increased Product Throughput

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

A leading North American manufacturer of electrical enclosures required an increase to their product throughput and improved safety features for its workforce. Our team partnered with MOTOMAN Canada to produce a successful solution.

  • Lack of resources for quick and accurate stacking: By manually stacking, there was a high risk of electrical enclosures being out of place. The taller the stacks got, the bigger the risk of being unstable and possibly collapsing.
  • Maneuvering and transferring enclosures: The same system had to process many different sized electrical enclosures, which was time consuming, and caused regular system delays.
  • Insufficient buffer: Current buffer was lacking in productivity, causing potential damage by allowing enclosures to come in contact with one another.
  • Applying labels to each of the electrical enclosures: This was a time consuming process that was being done manually.
  • Infeed conveyor: Incoming conveyors that were installed have quick changeover features to accommodate different electrical enclosure widths. Our team supplied a 20 ft long smooth top belt conveyor, 22” wide. Adjustable side guides made it convenient for quick change overs for product size changes. Multiple conveyors allowed for a fully automated process which came equipped with a new buffer and new label system.
  • Outgoing Conveyor: A multiple conveyor system made it possible for the wooden pallet to transfer from the pallet destacker to a wrapping system and then to an offload position through a sequence of conveyors to allow for accumulation prior to offloading.
  • Two separate robots for labels and transfer: The team decided to use a separate robot to apply labels to each enclosure, which saved on time and allowed for a quicker, more reliable process. In order to quicken another otherwise lengthy process, the team also decided to use a separate robot to palletize enclosures from the infeed conveyor to the outgoing conveyor.
  • Eliminated manual labour: Replacing manual labour with robotics eliminated repetitive motion strain problems and other injuries from heavy lifting and noise. The robots replaced many operators which increased accuracy and output.
  • Increased productivity: The Palletizing System decreased overall production time due to easier pallet loading and allowed for independent operation for extended periods of time, with no maintenance required (labeling, stacking, wrapping, palletizing). This saved on time and allowed for more orders, which allowed for an increase for our client’s customer base.
  • Increased accuracy: Using robots to palletize enclosures ensured sturdiness and accuracy compared to palletizing done manually. A robotic palletizer was able to handle heavy loads and large reaches, which allowed enclosures to be palletized from necessary distance.

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