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Robotics Case Studies

Velox Machine Guarding Protects Omni-Channel Fulfillment Center

Husky Rack & Wire

Invata Intralogistics, experts in advanced automation systems, selected Velox Machine Guarding to protect its new 465,000 square foot omni-channel fulfillment center. Invata designed and built the facility for Destination Maternity Corporation, the world’s largest designer and retailer of maternity apparel.

The facility and controlled warehouse automation system incorporated a wide array of material handling equipment including:

  • high-speed shuttle ASRS
  • two aisles and 21 levels of tote storage
  • mini-load crane ASRS
  • four cranes in high density
  • high rise bays

Invata needed a safety guarding solution that would conform to the ASRS structures, while protecting all Destination Maternity employees working around the equipment. Additionally, the guarding was required to provide easy access where needed with proper safeguards on multiple levels.

Velox was Invata’s choice. The 8-foot high guarding provided excellent security and visibility with simple installation. The non-progressive panels allowed for quick and easy field modification with its patented hook design. Significant benefit was realized with the unobtrusive and small footprint of the guarding – allowing Invata to maximize aisle space around each ASRS.

Invata VP of Engineering, Mike Franke said that the guarding design made installation easier than any guarding he has worked with to date. Having had serious concerns about the modifications required to conform the fencing to the ASRS design, he was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which his team was able to configure the fence. As a result, Mike noted he could not envision a more efficient or cost effective solution to the challenge.

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