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Advances In Motion Controller Software That Will Transform Your Industrial Automation Operations into a PLC

by Matt Edwards, Director of Professional Services

Automation of industrial processes will reduce your costs as well as provide real-time and centralized management of operations. Management of these operations is also intuitive and takes a fraction of the time to actualize. What are the latest developments in motion controller that will transform your operations?

Use of an Industrial PC as a PLC
PLC software transforms your industrial PC into a control center. It gives you a dashboard view of all the processes at your production plant. This will eliminate the need for redundant manpower and a physical presence on the shop floor. As such, your operational cost will be reduced significantly.

An ordinary PC is turned into an operational, control and visualization unit
The days of massive control rooms with signals and alarm sounds are over. With a single PC and a screen that is several inches wide, you can control operations of the most massive production plant. At the touch of a button, your engineers can run all operations effectively. As such, you will require fewer personnel. With integration of software to control all functions in one central PC location without loss of performance, your industrial automation becomes seamless.

The PC Serves as a Traffic or Function Block
PC software allows you to direct operations from your desk. You can schedule operations based on needs in a single click. This will reduce the time taken to execute commands. You do not need people to handle operations manually. This results in fewer errors on industrial processes and thereby reduces cost of production.

Dispatch Commands To Multiple Machines
There are industrial processes that require simultaneous activation. Motion control software can send multiple commands that could be related or complementary, simultaneously. Processes that are interlinked are thus made easier to execute. This makes your production process more reliable and efficient. In case there are delays and desired speeds for different processes, they will be incorporated into the software programming.

The Latest Technology Simplified
Programming on C++ is sometimes regarded as complex. With motion control software, you enjoy the benefits of the latest C++ technology without experiencing the complexity. Most PLC applications these days don’t even require C++ programming knowledge but its best to have a PLC that allows for both. With expert developers, your software will transform your control, monitoring, visualization and operations through highly sophisticated features.

Fast And Efficient Market Entry
With consolidated control you reduce the cost and speed of production. The process also becomes highly predictable. This reduces market entry time and cost, making your goods and overall brand more competitive.

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