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Automatic Ham Boning Robot - Mayekawa HAMDAS-R

by Brian Huse, Director, Marketing & PR
Robotic Industries Association

Winner of the 4th Robot of the Year Award in the small business in venture capital category (from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry & The Japan Machinery Federation) is Mayekawa Electric's ham boneing robot. Food processing robots are bound to attract a lot of attention as they naturally feed some people's paranoia about robots taking over the world one slice at a time. Except for avid hunters, how many of us have ever skinned and cut up a carcass?

Many standards are in place to safeguard public safety when it comes to food. Is it so bad to have a robot that is cleaner, safer and more consistent in handling food while complying with stiff regulations to help with what at times is a wet, messy and smelly job?

What Mayekawa has done to robotize ham boning is part of a new wave of robotic systems that are ready now for installation and production. Congratulations to them for developing HAMDAS-R and overcoming very tough obstacles and the honor it took at the Japanese award event.


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